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Communicating your brand’s offering on online channels is one of the most cost effective methods of reaching your customers.

This is perfect for your if you are a...

Small business owner or freshly baked entrepreneur who is not yet confident with using digital tools and platforms.

Professional or local business who have traditionally gained clients through word of mouth but now want to expand your reach and grow your business or practise faster.

Business owner who doesn’t have the time to spend on social media profile setups, but needs to start your basic social media marketing strategy and connect to your customers ASAP.

An individual who does not have access to graphic design software that is needed to set social media accounts professionally.

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Our Social Media  Packages will give you the online presence your business needs to grow, no matter how young or old your business is.

Facebook has 1.3 Billion users and 75% of them logon every single day. The average Facebook user checks news feeds between 11 and 18 times a day. These users are updating a network of more than 100 friends and colleagues about what they are doing. Over 70% of consumers say that they check a company’s reviews on Facebook before they make a purchase.


  • Set up your Facebook business page choosing the right FB page type for your business
  • Resize and Upload your logo
  • Review and adjust Page settings + add admins or collaborators
  • Fill out all sections of the Page under About Tab including Company Overview + Description + ‘Our Story’ section.
  • Adding/Updating Call to Action button
  • Facebook banner image relevant to your industry (this is not a custom made advert banner)
  • Adding/Updating all your business contact information
  • Inviting your Facebook friends list to ‘Like’ your page (this requires you giving us access to your personal FB profile).
  • Create 1 photo album (it can be ‘Meet the Team’ or ‘Portfolio’ album) *up to 20 images
  • 1 Group Set Up
  • 2 Social media post relevant to your audience
  • A list of your industry #hashtags to use for your niche
*The client has to provide everything before the job begins (brand assets, style guide, images, etc.)


LinkedIn is unique among the major social media players because it has a concrete user base. That is educated and affluent people whose average household income is $100,000. It has over 590 million users and growing. Nearly 50% of LinkedIn members have decision-making authority for their companies. LinkedIn is relatively inexpensive as a lot of people still see it as only B2B social media platform, but it is not, and therefore it provides a lot of bang for the buck.


  • Set up your LinkedIn business page
  • Link your LinkedIn business page to your personal LinkedIn account
  • Complete company profile
  • Resize and Upload your logo
  • Complete company information overview
  • LinkedIn banner image relevant to you industry (this is not a custom made advert banner)
  • Advice on what other information needs to go on the page (portfolio showcase) we can add this providing you have it all in the correct format.
  • A list of your industry #hashtags to use for your niche.
*The client has to provide everything before the job begins (brand assets, style guide, images, etc.)


250 million people use Pinterest every month. 85% of women users use Pinterest to plan “life moments” like wedding, parties, holiday, cooking and gym routines, to name a few. 59% of millennials have discovered products on Pinterest that puts the platform on par with Instagram. Whether they purchase online or offline, immediately or later, Pinterest boards are becoming less and less a mood board, and more and more a shopping list.


  •  Setup your Pinterest page
  • Resize and upload your logo
  • Fill in all profile information
  • Pinterest boards set up according to your business offering and your customer niche
  • x4 boards with 15 pins in each so they don’t look empty and showcase your brand at it’s best
  • A list of your industry #hashtags to use for your niche
*The client has to provide everything before the job begins (brand assets, style guide, images, etc.)


Instagram has 1 billion users, and more than 500 million active users are using the platform daily and spending, on average 53 minutes. This makes Instagram the second most engaged social media network. 83% of instagrammers say they discover new products and services on Instagram; this means that by simply being on Instagram, brands can make a positive impression on potential shoppers.


  • Open an Instagram account choosing the right page type for your business
  • Add essential business information, i.e. phone, address, website etc
  • Fill out bio and all other profile sections
  • Fill out the business bio and all other profile sections
  • Identifying the right channel name if your current business name is not available
  • Connecting your Instagram page to your other relevant social channels
  • 2 Social media post relevant to your audience
  • x1 Instagram tile style template you can use and adjust to keep your instagram uniformed
  • A list of your industry #hashtags to use for your niche.
*The client has to provide everything before the job begins (brand assets, style guide, images, etc.)


It is not true that you need to be on all social media channels. They are all different and attract different age groups. We can help you determine which 3 platforms are the best fit for your customer and then help you set it all up. Your get 30 day social media plan template that you can reuse every month and save bags of time.


  • Social Media set up on up to 3 social media platforms of your choice or a Social media audit to identify your weak spots
  • Setting up of Google Analytics which helps you to track website visitors
  • Logo resizing for up to 4 social media platforms to ensure that it is displayed correctly
  • x10 curated images you can use for your social media posts and blog
  • 30 days social media planner you can use in rotation to automate and plan your content
*The client has to provide everything before the job begins (brand assets, style guide, images, etc.)


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YES! Why? Because 65% of online shoppers use social media to learn more about products, services, businesses, and brands. 53% of them leave positive reviews and 70% read other people’s experiences.

  • Increased awareness of your services or products
  • Stronger Relationships with your current customers or clients
  • Increased your raving fan base and reach
  • Increased website traffic

Every Social Media project takes approximately 5 –1 0 Working days to complete, dependent upon client response time and project scope.

We need to review your business / project information and collate it into a correct format for each individual platform.

We also need to format all your branding such as Logo, Banners or Portfolio images to fit the formatting parameters of the platform that is continuously changing.

We also need to test how it all will look on various devices such as iPad, phone, laptop and desktop. We also offer several posts with the setup, which requires us to look into your industry and competition so that the posts are relevant and on-brand.

After an order is placed, our team immediately starts work on the project, which naturally costs money. As such, we need to be sure that we will definitely get paid, this allows us to run a ‘lean’ company, collaborate with top external talent and offer you value-for-money packages.

All payments are handled online and can be paid in your local currency. We work with clients all over the world, but as the UK registered business and taxpayer, our prices are quoted in GBP.

Absolutely. We are an international company. Our customers come from many countries, such as the USA, UK, Lithuania, Spain, Bali and many more. Our team speaks English, Lithuanian and Russian.

Yes, please contact us and let us know what other services you need and what packages you want and we will send you a new quote with a discount.

Yes, of course. The cheapest way is to do it yourself. However, you will need to brush up on the technical platform requirements and have access to photoshop or other design programs to format everything correctly.

You will also need a copywriter to fill out our Bio section. Remember that all information that is public about your company has the power to increase or damage your profits and reach. Basically, it is super important!

We enter into non-disclosure agreements and will never share your ideas with anyone else. Our business depends on us having an excellent reputation, and we would not risk damaging our name and losing face.

Ears that actually listen to your business idea and aspirations, eyes that see your company as the authentic creation it is, and brains that will mould your vision into a visual concept and will take your business to the next level.

We love to create and be part of growing your business.

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